This project has been featured in and North & Nest Magazine, and it sure is special. Not simply because it’s situated in the heart of a small town in North Dakota, not because it was 50 years old when the 2nd homeowners moved into it after a full renovation. But because this home exudes love. Originally, this home was built by a North Dakota Legislator named Francis (Hank) Weber. He & his wife did all of the architecture in 1971. The current homeowners purchased it in 2020 and moved in after the renovation was completed in 2021. The Homeowners surrounded themselves with beautiful finishes and art from around the world. The piece above the fireplace, for example, is a Luke Chiswell original (Australian Artist), along with many celebrities (ex; Demi Lovato) that collect his work, the homeowner fell in love with the art pieces known as trophies by the artist. The homeowners wanted a neutral palette for their guests to walk in. They felt if they made the background go away the focus would be on the human connection & the people within that space. While there is still depth and texture, one can see how anyone walking into the space would be a natural contrast.