We worked with the owner of this condo on their large commercial fit-up & renovation the year prior. When they brought us on board for this project it was a blank slate. Concrete floor and ceiling with glass walls. The homeowner had us work on the layout/ function and design of the condo. From there a contractor was added along with TL Stroh to work on some of the unique HVAC obstacles and plumbing challenges we had with a pre-existing highrise condo. Located two floors from the very top of the tallest building in North Dakota, the views speak for themself. The building itself only has a total of 6 condo units. We worked on every detail to the last accessory being added. This project was one I’ll never forget, not just because of the amazing clients but the freedom they gave for creativity. Their words were; “We want this condo to feel like it’s in a big city.”